Jumat, Februari 29, 2008

Padanan Fasilitas / Fitur Microsoft Office (XP) dengan OpenOffice.org (1)

Microsoft Office XP OpenOffice.org 2.x
AutoShapes Gallery Objects
Shapes ada di Drawing toolbar (menu
View - Toolbars - Drawing)
Change Case Case/Characters
Comments Notes
Compare and Merge
Document Map Navigator
Formula Auditing Detective
Lines and Page Breaks Text Flow
Mail Merge Form Letter
Markup Changes - Show
Phonetic Guide Ruby
PivotTable DataPilot
Refresh Data Reload
Replace text as you type AutoCorrect
Show/Hide Nonprinting Characters, Hidden Paragraphs
Spelling and Grammar Spellcheck
Track changes Changes - Record
Validation Validity
Workbook Spreadsheet
Worksheet Sheet
File | Page Setup
Format | Page

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