Kamis, April 16, 2009

Instalasi KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree Checkup

This checkup allows you to check that your environment is ready to support a KnowledgeTree installation, and that you can proceed to configure your system. Red items are things to fix. Orange items means you may not be having the ultimate experience unless the support is added. Green items means you're ready to go in this area. You can check back here to see if anything has changed in your environment if you have any problems.

.htaccess file

You can let KnowledgeTree manage the PHP settings that apply to the KnowledgeTree application (it won't affect your other applications) by configuring your web server to use the .htaccess files that come with KnowledgeTree. This will ensure that the settings for KnowledgeTree(detailed below) are set up for optimal, reliable performance.

Your web server is NOT set up to use the .htaccess files.

General KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree Server Directory /mnt/sdt1/webroot/apps/kt3
KnowledgeTree URL

PHP version and extensions

This relates to your PHP installation environment - which version of PHP you are running, and which modules are available.

PHP version 5 or above Yes
PHP version 5.2.2 or above Yes
PHP version below 6 Yes
Session support Available
MySQL support Available
Multi Byte String support Available
cURL support Available


KnowledgeTree post-configuration checkup

This allows you to check that your KnowledgeTree configuration is set up correctly. You can run this at any time after configuration to check that things are still set up correctly.


Log directory (C:/Program Files/ktdms/var/log) Writeable
Document directory (C:/Program Files/ktdms/Documents) Writeable
Webservice uploads directory (C:/Program Files/ktdms/var/uploads) Writeable


Logging support is operational.

Database connectivity

Database connectivity successful.


Basic database query successful.

Database has transaction support.

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